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Company History and Philosophy

Hello. I'm Banana (aka / Lowell Levinger) the proprietor of Players Vintage Instruments. Players Vintage Instruments is the logical evolution of my instrument collection. I started collecting vintage instruments in the 60's and finally decided it would be more fun to share them with other players instead of keeping them to myself.
The ultimate collectors piece is not my personal cup of tea. Instruments are made to be played. An instrument that is old and rare and in absolutely mint condition will instantly become less valuable if it is taken to a gig and 'suffers' pick wear or gets a belt buckle scratch on its back. So that instrument (if it is to keep its 'value') is essentially no more musically useful than a painting or a sculpture. Now, paintings and sculptures are certainly useful, wonderful and precious. They are a source of great delight and inspiration. But instruments are that and much more. They are a source of music and we all know what charms music hath. (Soothing savages and such) I will continue to seek out great instruments for players as well as collectors and make them available.


You can reach us by email or phone to order an instrument. We check email several times each day and if we are not able to answer your call, we'll call you back if you leave your number.
The best method of payment for us is Postal Money Order or Bank Cashiers Check. International payment is usually made by direct bank transfer. If you pay by US Postal Money Order or US Bank Cashiers Check we can ship the following business day after the funds arrive. Same for Direct Bank Wire Transfer.

Funds can be sent to:
Lowell Levinger
Players Vintage Instruments
P.O. Box 445
Inverness, CA 94937-0445

Before sending funds we will need to determine the shipping costs which are paid by the customer. We'll need your complete shipping address including phone number to get the UPS shipping costs for you.

Once we have agreed that you want the instrument and that the funds are on the way, we put the instrument On Hold for you.
We'll email you when your funds arrive and schedule a UPS pickup for the following business day.
Then, when the package has been picked up, we'll email you with the tracking number.


We stand behind all of our instruments and make every effort to insure that you know exactly what you are getting before we ship it to you. We can send pictures via email of any details you request. We ship after payment has been received and you have 24 hours after you receive the instrument to make sure you are satisfied with it. If, for any reason, you do not wish to keep the instrument you can notify us and then ship it back to us insured at your expense. When we receive the instrument in the same condition as when it left us, we will refund your purchase price, less the shipping cost.

Our Location

We are located in the town of Inverness which is in Marin County, California about an hour's drive from San Francisco. Click to view a map done by local historian Dewey Livingston. We have no "shop" or "showroom" as we work out of the family home. So we discourage visits. None of the instruments you see on display on the Inventory pages of the web site or on the Museum pages are physically on display in the house. They are all tucked away in kids bedroom closets and such.
It is hard to evaluate an instrument in this family home situation with everyone here trying to go about their daily lives. On the other hand, if you have an instrument shipped to you then you can try it for hours in familiar surroundings and if you don't like it, simply send it back. Now we naturally have made exceptions to this policy and will continue to do so for folks who are ready to buy an instrument and want to pick it up in person or who want to compare a couple of specific instruments. The most effective means of communication with us is via email but you can also give us a call to talk about an in person appointment. Thanks

Our phone number is: 415-669-1107.

Best, though to e-mail us at